Richard Branson’s private health care subsidiary will launch their plans tomorrow for how services in the Westcountry will be run.

Virgin Care will publish the plans on how health services will run in Bath & North Somerset, Swindon and Somerset, according to the Bath Chronicle.

On Thursday the private provider of services to the NHS won a contract worth up to £700m.

The Tory-led council approved the deal which will see more than 200 services in the area now run by the private care provider.

Lin Patterson, a Green Party Councillor for Bath and Somerset told The Mirror this will be another nail in the coffin of privatisation against the NHS:

“I think unless people wake up and realise that the Conservative agenda is to privatise the NHS, and has been for decades, and unless people change the national government and pass the NHS Bill that is in parliament now, we won’t be able to take back the NHS.”

This will be the first time to public will get to see the plans since the bid was accepted.


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