The Prime Minister today failed to rule out giving peerage to Nigel Farage in the near future.

When faced with a question by SNP MP George Kerevan at Prime Minister’s Questions, May responded that matters on peerage are usually discussed in private.

All I can say to the honourable gentleman, I’m afraid, is that such matters are normally never discussed in public.

Farage has been in the US and was the first British politician to speak to Donald Trump since he was elected as the President of the United Status.

The interim-UKIP leader would be the first politician from his party to have been appointed in the House of Lords. Previous attempts for other members of the party have been blocked by parliament’s upper chamber.

Farage will step down as leader of the UK Independence Party once the new leader is elected at the end of the month. He will remain as a representative for the UK in the European Parliament after UKIP’s leadership is officially handed over.

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