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Autumn Statement 2016: Borrowing to be £122bn higher

Phillip Hammond revealed his first steps as Chancellor in Parliament on Wednesday afternoon, as he delivered the Autumn budget, which was headlined … Read More

Mass expansion in surveillance powers passed by government

The government has increased its surveillance powers thanks to the passing of the Investigatory Powers Bill. Theresa May launched plans for the … Read More

British financial commitments to EU could last after Brexit

Germany's finance minister has warned that Britain may have to pay money to Brussels years after Article 50 is invoked. Wolfgang Schauble told the … Read More

‘Lord Farage’ not ruled out by Government

The Prime Minister today failed to rule out giving peerage to Nigel Farage in the near future. When faced with a question by SNP MP George Kerevan … Read More

Tory MP: Don’t make me vote to deport my parents

Theresa May failed to guarantee the rights of a Tory MP's parents at Prime Minister's Questions earlier today. Alberto Costa who is the MP of … Read More

Virgin Care to unveil Westcountry hospital plans tomorrow

Richard Branson's private health care subsidiary will launch their plans tomorrow for how services in the Westcountry will be run. Virgin Care … Read More